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Community Building Partnership – 2013


In 2013 Old Dubbo Gaol was the recipient of $15,500 from the NSW State Government, with an additional $15,500 from Dubbo City Council. The Community Building Partnerships grant provides much needed funding for building and restoring local infrastructure. Old Dubbo Gaol’s project was to use this funding for the heritage restoration of the hospital and food store area, along with the purchase of new exhibit material and artefacts. The rooms were brought back to an original 1880s colour scheme, and restored and preserved to ensure the original and authentic experience in this heritage site. The final works were completed early 2015. 


Heritage Council of NSW Major Works Grant - 2013/14


Old Dubbo Gaol was awarded $150,000 from the Heritage Council of NSW, along with a $150,000 contribution from Dubbo City Council, to attend to major salinity issues, and for the restoration and re-opening of the watchtower.
The watchtower works were recently completed, and the watchtower was re-opened in December 2014 after being closed for over 10 years. The work saw the restoration of the catwalk which had seriously degraded, and was the major reason for the closure as safety had become an issue. With the preservation and restoration work the watchtower now is accessible affording visitors a unique view of Old Dubbo Gaol.
The further works to be completed is the treatment of the salinity issues in the fabric of the site, which if left unchecked would continue to degrade and possible destroy the fabric of the site irreparably. This work will commence in 2015.


Museums and Galleries NSW – Collection Documentation Grant 2014


Old Dubbo Gaol was awarded $7,000, this grant enables museums and keeping places to bring in specialists to work with the museum on documentation of collections and the writing of significance statements for objects in NSW.
The Old Dubbo Gaol used this grant to create a digital catalogue linked with the Western Plains Cultural Centre which has made available a major resource to the community. The grant has introduced innovative collections software of a high museum standard to Old Dubbo Gaol. This grant has ensured the gaol’s collection is preserved, catalogued and accessible.


Museums and Galleries NSW Mentorship Program – 2014


In 2014 the Operations Supervisor at Old Dubbo Gaol Merrin Starr received a grant of $3,000 as part of the MSG NSW Mentorship program. This grant is for professional development for museum and gallery museum staff. Recipients spend two weeks with the team of a metropolitan or regional cultural organisation of their choice.
Merrin Starr was placed at Port Arthur, one of the world’s most significant heritage areas, and the site of a former convict settlement. For two weeks Merrin was mentored by the knowledgeable staff in such areas as heritage restoration and conservation, the running of a heritage museum and tourist attraction, historical studies and financial and budgetary management.


National Library of Australia - Community Heritage Grant 2014


Old Dubbo Gaol was been awarded a $2,000 Federal Community Heritage Grant to fund a Significance Assessment of the Old Dubbo Gaol’s Hangman’s Collection. This grant also included a three-day intensive preservation and collection management workshop held at the National Library, the National Archives of Australia, the National Museum of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra.
The Hangman’s Collection is a complete set of rare items used for executions throughout NSW, including 13 ropes of various sizes, weights and pulleys, condemned man’s mask, hangman’s kit and the gallows.

The significance assessment of the Hangman’s Collection will allow the Old Dubbo Gaol to make reasoned judgements about the importance of the collection and will allow for a better approach towards conserving and preserving the items, increase access and information and will also allow for future grants and programs to be created.”

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The entrance to the Old Dubbo Gaol is located just off Macquarie Street, near the old clock tower and across the road from Woolworths

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